the 485 designs story

Thank you for stopping by our website. If you’ve browsed this far, you probably just like us, or just have great taste in motorcycles. Our company started with a passion for motorcycles and going fast, 485 was my motocross racing number. always working on my dirt bikes and cars as a kid, i Started out in my home garage hacking up some old bikes. my dad and I we’re able to mangle together a couple bikes to get me into the grind. Over time, I progressively gained more skills and eventually got enough attention to make my passion into a career.

Now a two man shop, we are based out of Denver Colorado. Our love for motorcycles and fast cars has allowed us to combine our skills and creative minds to build some of the most amazing machines to hit the streets. Not only do we customize complete motorcycles, we also fabricate quality hand made parts for just about any application. Whether you’re looking for a custom turbo kit, or just a simple color change, we’ve got you covered. We fabricate, powder coat, paint, and even upholster. We take pride in our work and always strive for higher quality and greater creativity. Our build progression shows it. check back often and Stay tuned for more amazing future content.

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