if you’ve see it on our bikes you can get your hands on it. We offer just about everything you need to complete your build. we can’t put a label on all of the things we offer, although a couple of the main services we do are listed below. whether we’ve done it in the past, don’t hesitate to ask, we’re sure we can help.

bike builds

whatever the style may be, what kind of bike it is, on road or off road, we have got you covered. if its got 2 wheels we’re capable of bringing your ideas to life. viragos are definitely more of our popular builds, but don’t let that scare you away. new builds and different styles of bikes are our favorite. creating bikes that haven’t been seen before is what we love.

it is very hard to put out a number right off the bat. pricing depends on lots of things in depth, but we can definitely work with your budget. most builds range anywhere from $6,000-$12,000, but we’ve done bikes across the charts as far as pricing goes, so get in touch!


custom fabrication

custom exhaust, sub frames, anything on a motorcycle or car that requires a grinder and welding, we can do it. mig & tig welding. stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum. we only do exhaust work in stainless steel.

motorcycle exhausts range $300-$1500 whether it be a full exhaust or just a section


powder coat

bike parts, car wheels, anything metal that isn’t going to burn down in our oven, we can lay down some fresh powder coat on. parts are always blasted prior to powder to insure proper adhesion to the surface.

if it fits in our oven 48”x48”x18” we can do it. Pricing roughly $40-$110 /part



we can paint any of your standard motorcycle parts and car panels such as doors and bumpers.

motorcycle paint ranges from $450 for just a tank up to $1200 for full bike painting

car panel painting ranges from $350-$500 a panel/bumper depending on current condition.

now head over to the contact tab and let us know what you need done!